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11 Dec 14 

Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week

Hamish 3D
I’m very, very, very proud to introduce you to HAMISH AND THE WORLDSTOPPERS!

“Original, quirky and super silly, Wallace has written a great book that kids will really enjoy” - The Sun

“Wallace’s first foray into children’s fiction is a joy. A hugely-entertaining, child-friendly read with characters you’ll want to root for, despicable villains, a satisfying adventure and a really big heart” – The Bookseller

“It made me laugh so much I thought my sides would burst!” - Noah, aged 9, Press Association review

“A humdinger. Wallace’s humour is put to great use and there’s enough madcap adventure with Hamish’s gang, the PDFs, to keep your average 8-year-old in a state of mild hysteria.” - Dad.info

“An amazing and unexpected read… a book that will stay with you for years to come.” – Middle Grade Strikes Back

It’s my first kids’ book, and it’s out now…

Do you know a kid who’s 7? Or 8? Or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12?

Then please introduce them to Hamish…

He’s a kid who lives in Britain’s fourth-most boring town – Starkley. But Starkley gets very exciting one day, when Hamish notices that the whole world has completely and utterly stopped.

The planes in the air. The cars on the road. The people all around him.

Everything stops – except him.

It was brilliant fun imagining all the things a kid would do if all the rules had changed. And coming up with his mortal enemies – The TERRIBLES.

And great also to have the brilliant Jamie Littler illustrating Hamish’s adventure…

I’ll be all over the place at festivals in 2015, and Hamish is also coming soon to Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Holland… look out for him…

I hope your kids (you) like it! Get Hamish here!


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Dr. Danny

28 Aug 14 

IMG_7831First there was Dr. Ruth.

Then there was Dr. Phil.

I think there was a British one in there too, called Dr. Nick or something, but now there’s Dr. Danny.

I was amazed to be asked back to my hometown of Dundee recently to be given an honorary doctorate by the University of Dundee – the same place my dad worked in the late 70s and early 80s, and on the same stage my mum got her Masters.

They said I had to make a speech, though, so I did.

It’s just Seven Things I Know.

Things that may or may not be useful to people about to leave university, and start The Next Stage.

I was asked afterwards by a few people (maybe four) to put the words online, but thought this would be better.

My thanks again to the University – and also to the editor-in-chief of the Beano, Mike Stirling, who interviewed me on stage the night before.

I’m really proud to come from Dundee, and it was fantastic to be back.

So here’s the speech – Seven Things I Know.


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14 Aug 14 

Just to say – myself and my friend Pete Donaldson (who I last worked with on 6Music and Xfm) will be hosting a brand new show on Absolute Radio every Thursday night from 8pm…

In it, we will Be Men. We will Man Up. We will discuss our Man-ness. We will study each others’ Manhood.

That sounded wrong.

Anyway, join in, if you are a man or have ever met one!

Plus! There’s a podcast here


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‘Who is Tom Ditto?’ is out now!

17 Apr 14 

“First, this is a terrific novel. I’ll get that out of the way, because trying to describe it is like Monty Python’s TV quiz, “Summarise Proust”. The plot is wild and unexpected, with a dash of sinister, and it’s incredibly funny.” – The Times

“★★★★★ – A hysterical delight. Brilliantly written. A hilarious and fresh take on modern life.” – Heat

“Danny Wallace’s beguiling second novel seduces the reader by stealth with some laugh-out-loud throwaway pieces of astute observational comedy, joke after joke evoking recognition in the reader. He’s as funny about local radio as Alan Partridge, which is saying something, but there’s a lot more here than superficial gloss, as Wallace probes real issues about what makes us who we are in the internet age. It’s the kind of book you have to ration to avoid it being over too quickly.” – Daily Mail

“It’s a rich comic premise, and Danny Wallace exploits it to the full. It’s funny, witty, clever, good-natured – one of those purely-enjoyable books you pick up with pleasure and put down with regret.” – The Independent

“Brilliant, hilarious, sharp.” – The Sun

“Incredibly funny. Danny Wallace writes a great male protagonist.” – Stylist

“Deftly-crafted… seemingly effortless… sharp writing.” – The List

“… will leave you completely mesmerised.” – Now

“An air of mystery, a past being reconstructed, with a booster shot of comedy…” – The Observer

“Wallace has scored another hit with this quirky novel. Packed full of gags, this is also a tender and touching story.” – Sunday Mirror

“Danny Wallace has done it again. ‘Who is Tom Ditto?’ is both a hoot and deeply engaging. Very clever stuff.” – Henry Sutton

“‘Who is Tom Ditto?’ is Danny Wallace at his very best. Funny, assured and relentlessly clever. A brilliant novel.” – John Niven

“Tremendous. Funny, beguiling and stealthily profound.” – William Boyd

“Funny yet tender. Wallace’s knack of grounding a madcap adventure with hilarious, quotidian detail gives him the edge.” – Stylist

“Brilliant. As hilarious as always.” – ShortList

“Chortlesome.” – Bella

“Danny Wallace is one of the cleverest writers around. ‘Who is Tom Ditto?’ is the most surprising book I have ever read.” – ChickLit Reviews and News

“Wallace has shown he can successfully transfer his established humour to fictional situations with ease, carefully developing a deep story with a consistently grounded humour.” – Emerald Street

“A funny and clever novel from the award-winning writer.” – Marie Claire

“A fascinating novel, stylishly written, with eccentric characters and an intriguing storyline which will keep you engrossed until the very end and beyond. Perfect weekend reading.” – Hot Brands Cool Places

“Very clever… an overwhelmingly funny writer” - Novelicious

“9/10″ – Press Association

COMING SOON to Germany, France, Italy and Brazil…

Click to order a copy!

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Who is Tom Ditto?

18 Feb 14 

Well – that’s the question, isn’t it?

Luckily, I know. He’s the main character in my brand new book – WHO IS TOM DITTO? – and I hope you like him when the book comes out on April 24th.

Click HERE! to order a copy!

It was a challenge writing a second novel, but a fun one. Tom comes home one night to find a note from his girlfriend. The note says she has not left him – but that she’s gone. In his attempt to track her down, Tom stumbles across a very unusual group of people with a highly eccentric hobby…

Oh – and he’s fairly sure he’s being followed by an equally unusual girl…

PLUS! To celebrate the new book – I’ve only gone and brewed a beer! It’s called TOM DITTO IPA, and it’ll be available in all 76 Nicholson’s pubs up and down the country from March 25th!


I brewed it with the legendary Truman’s Brewery in the East End of London, and we tried to base it on the novel… so it’s got a bit of New York, a lot of London, and it’s an IPA… (that’ll make sense when you read the book…)

Hope you like them!


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Noel Gallagher and The Onion…

18 Oct 13 


I’ve been a bit quiet lately, working on a brand new project for next year…

But I’ve managed to sneak in a few other things too…

Here’s an interview I did over a few hours in a fancy club with GQ’s Icon of the Year, the brilliantly funny Noel Gallagher, which, thanks to his unique perspective on the world, caught fire pretty quickly.

And here’s what happened when I turned up at the Chicago offices of satirical paper/website The Onion, the morning a very particular story was breaking…

More on the brand new project soon…

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