Books and Vital Broadcasts

24 Jan 18 

Yes. Vital broadcasts! I’m back on Radio X on Sundays between 11am and 1pm, playing records and setting ground rules for your life which I expect to be obeyed at all times. Sort of. You can download the podcast on iTunes if you can’t catch it live…

F You Very Much is about to come out in the States, so if that’s what brought you here, welcome. Now leave a nice review and tell all your pals, okay?

The proper paperback edition comes out here in the UK in June, and I’m just letting you know nice and early – we’re changing the title. It was always supposed to be called F*** You Very Much (it’s about rudeness, see) but we felt that title might make it difficult for The One Show and so on to talk about it. Now, though? F*** the One Show. The book needs its proper title.

And now I must stop using bad language, because Hamish and the Baby Boom! comes out in March. It’s definitely the silliest and maybe the funniest of the series, although that is not for me to say, and yet I’m saying it anyway. I do hope you’ll consider a copy for your tiny sidekicks.

The podcast I promised last year is ready and waiting to go. Has been for a while. But we have to wait for the platform it’s on to launch properly. That was a weird sentence to write. Anyway, it’ll be with you soon…

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