Isle of Wight Festival 2014 & 2015


Backstage at the legendary festival, talking to Kings of Leon, Blur, Fleetwood Mac, Biffy Clyro, Pharrell, the Strypes, Suede and more…


National Television Awards: Backstage Live


The National Television Awards aftershow, live from the O2, co-presented by Sara Cox and featuring Simon Cowell, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and many more…


National Movie Awards: Backstage Live


Danny Wallace and Emma Willis live at the National Movie Awards, featuring the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and James Corden…


Horizon: Chimps Are People Too


Danny Wallace embarks upon a worldwide mission to prove that chimps are people too… he tracks wild chimpanzees and plays with orphaned chimps in Uganda… he’s accosted by a thespian chimp in LA… and manages to hold a proper, real-life conversation with a bonobo in Des Moines… part of the BBC’s Horizon series.

Chimps are People Too

How to Start Your Own Country

BBC Two and BBCi

Double BAFTA-award winning series in which Danny Wallace becomes King of his very own country… he declares his one-bedroom flat in the East End of London an independent state, gets his own flag, invades Britain, draws up a constitution, and forms a government out of his friends and neighbours. And you know what? You can now own it on 2-disc DVD…

How to Start Your Own Country

School’s Out – Series One and Two


Danny Wallace hosts the Saturday night quiz show that asks the questions we should all know the answers to… mainly because we were taught them at school. Three celebrities battle it out to become top of the class – featuring Graham Norton, Jo Brand, Ade Edmondson, Patrick Kielty and a class-load more…

School's Out, Series one and two

Danny Wallace’s Hoax Files

Sky One

Danny Wallace loves hoaxes. So much so that he’s compiled his list of the Best Nineteen Hoaxes Ever! Why nineteen? Because there *are* only nineteen best ever hoaxes! He meets the men who started crop circles! He meets the man who dressed up as bigfoot! He even manages to hoax the hoaxer’s hoaxer! Which means Danny Wallace is now the hoaxer’s hoaxer’s hoaxer!

Danny Wallace's Hoax Files

Danny Wallace’s Brilliant Britain


Danny Wallace investigates what he thinks makes Britain great… its strange and eccentric mix of oddball museums, collections and curators… he visits Lawnmower World and finds Vanessa Feltz’s T-handled dibber… he opens the British Baked Bean Museum of Excellence, in a one-bedroom flat on a Port Talbot estate… and he opens his very own internationally-important museum, using just a camper van, a childhood collection, and a schoolfriend named Will…

Danny Wallace - Brilliant Britain

Horizon: Where’s My Robot?


When we were kids, we were told that by the time we were grown-ups, we’d all definitely, absolutely have our very own robots. Of course we would. Robot butlers. Robot doctors. Robots confidantes. And yet where are they? Hidden somewhere, with our jetpacks? Cue Danny Wallace, and a worldwide search of a status update. In Japan, he meets Professor Ishiguro, who’s built an android clone of himself. In the US, he meets Domo, who welcomes him, warmly…

But what will happen when they inevitably rise up against us?

Danny Wallace - Where's My Robot?

Test the Nation


Danny Wallace and Anne Robinson host the live, Saturday night interactive quiz… Test the Nation. Who’s brainier? Brain surgeons or bus drivers? Ireland or Scotland? The Wallaces or the Robinsons? Three hours of live TV, and we’ll find out…



BBC One and BBC Three

The reboot of the original reality show. Danny Wallace hosts live from Great Barrier Island, New Zealand for twelve weeks as a dozen Brits are dumped in the ocean and left to fend for themselves on the island…


SkyOne, Series One and Two

Waco. 9/11. The CIA. Danny Wallace investigates the biggest conspiracy theories of our time.