The Booktour…

26 Jun 09 

Danny Wallace on a booktourHey – I might be coming to a town near you this month…

Why not come along? I’ll be in the likes of Leeds, Dundee and Bath, talking about Friends Like These, and… well… whatever you like.

Dates on the left!

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  1. Peter Vallance says:

    I’ll be there in Bath although I haven’t read ‘Friends like these’ yet so I better crack on, still reading Join Me. Any chance of some more ‘stupid boy projects’? could do with something else to read about…

  2. Ruth says:

    ooh i wish you would come to lincoln!!

  3. Zoe Fell says:

    Technically you’re not coming to a town near me…but a trip from Plymouth to Bath was too thriling to turn down!
    It won’t just be me though – Emily (my best friend) is coming also.
    It was our very own Yes moment:
    EMILY: Danny’s doing a signing in Bath, I wish we could go.
    ME: Well, why don’t we then???
    Since that moment, life’s spiralled out of control (in the best way possible.
    So I guess we’ll see you next week then…
    Can’t wait.
    Much love,
    Zoe (and Emily in spirit)

  4. Harley says:

    Ah, how wonderfully awesome. i shall look forward to seeing you on the 15th. Take care mr. wallace 🙂 x

  5. Bev Spencer says:

    Hiya! When are you gonna be anywhere near Birmingham?

  6. Andy says:

    Hey Danny,

    Could you tell me what exactly you’ll be doing on this booktour thingy, particularly the one at Borders, Islington? Will you just be sitting down and writing you name on stuff or do you intend to communicate in some form? I hear you have a nice voice.

    Also, are tickets required?

    Many thanks,


  7. emily higgins says:

    Just so I know i’m not going completly mad… friends like these has been out for ages on paper back has it not?? I know I read it months an months ago but my sister wont believe me cos she thinks its only just come out as you’re doing your book tour.

    Help me!

  8. Will Baxter says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Bath!

  9. Sarah Sanders says:

    Hey Danny! When you said you were visiting some places you wrote about in “Friends Like These” I thought you might be coming to Nottingham! Never mind, maybe next time! 🙂 Thanks for your books, they’re all fantastic!

  10. Roland says:

    Can’t wait!

  11. Big Al says:

    Just a note to warn you that Dundee is closed on a Monday. Probably better off in Edinburgh or something.

    Cheers mate,

    Big Al.

  12. Matt says:

    I came down from Newcastle to see you in Bath (I was also visiting a friend) but I missed you on the monday because I had to get my flight back early 🙁 blast!! Come to the north lol! P.S. Great books!

  13. Ben says:

    Danny, you are nice.

  14. Josh Overton says:

    i was at the Bath one last monday (6th July) with my GF. we spoke to his parents for half an hour and danny said i was nice – he’s nicer though

    Take care


  15. Will says:

    How come I don’t see LA on the list? I just read “Friends Like These,” and it was brilliant. Danny, I have to tell you….I cried at the end.
    When you come here, I plan on getting my book signed and my tea-cup!

  16. Alan Berry says:

    Just been to the Dundee tonight. Absolutely fanbloomingtastic. You are a very funny man. Thanks for signing my 5 books and 1 for my daughter. She is now taking the RAOK message around her school. My wife is now trying to get the red wine stain off her t shirt. It didn’t go through to her boob.


  17. Ryan O'Day says:

    Hey Danny , Thanks for coming to Dundee it made for a great evening, and can you pass on my thanks to the organisers of the reading event.They were great too…
    Ok i’m 29 ….30 in August so it’s time find an interesting hobby before it’s too late. Or maybe i’ll just look up an old mate.

    Keep the great books coming.

    Thanks again. Ryan.

  18. Tone says:

    Wanted to come to Leeds last night but had a football game. Can you pop in at Barnsley on your way past??

  19. Frankii says:

    Saw you in Leeds. Great night!

  20. Ryan says:

    Please come to Belfast, NI!

    I’ll even pay for the flight 😀

  21. Siobhan says:

    Danny you are a living legend!! Thanks for staying so late to keep signing in Islington :o) You lovely man, you!
    Siobhan x

  22. Matt says:

    Is there any chance you’ll be signing in Amsterdam this month? There is an huge fanbase over here! Well, at least one person will show up.. Good luck with the dates!

  23. Debz Lynn says:

    I only just found this website on 15th July after finishing Join Me on 14th… and turns out you were in Dundee, just 20mins down the road from St Andrews on 13th. Gutted I narrowly missed you! D’oh!

  24. Lee Brown says:

    it was a great night in Leeds and i enjoyed meeting you again and our chat about ghostbusters

  25. Tony Cook says:

    Hey Danny, Just returned from a 2 week holiday in Crete (excellent weather!) and read Friends Like These while I was away. It had me literally laughing out loud from start to finish. The only bad thing about the book was that it had to come to an end! I absolutely loved it and could relate to so much of it (even if I went through that manhood transition 10 years ago!) Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic!

    Take care and all the best mate


    p.s. Potaaaaatooooooooooooo! ;op

  26. carley says:

    no one ever comes to woking 🙁 not suprisingly, we would love to see mr wallace here, me and my partner have been massive fans for years , meeting danny would be AMAZING!!!!

  27. karen says:

    How about a trip to the Midlands…say yes! Join us!

  28. John Fraser says:

    Danny, was at the Dundee event.

    Great night was had, thought it was very funny including “the awkward book reading part”.

    I was there with 3 others, whilst 2 of us remarked on how much taller you seem in person, the other 2 disagreed and thought that you looked smaller……..thought it may interest you to know, that on average, you are exactly the same height as people expect you to be!!
    How many people can say that?

    Anyway, Danny always know, that your welcome in Dundee anytime, whether it be patrolling the streets in your fatigues or just indiscriminately passing out free wine to the locals, we’d be happy to see you!!!

    take care!

  29. Angel says:

    Why do I always miss these things… 🙁
    Hey, I loved Yes man (the book) and loving Join Me right now… so thanks! See you around! xx

  30. Natalie says:

    Mr. Wallace! Come to Luton
    Here’s a fact: whilst at Glastonbury, I was told that at about midday on Friday, you were stood about a metre away from my head as I was asleep in my tent.

  31. nicky finney says:

    Just spent the first 4 days of my holiday reading not only Friends Like These but also Join Me, most sad unable to find the Join Me web site, I clearly missed the boat, don’t think you are in a town near me as I am in Kos! but you did go to Crete some years ago!! I have not met the boys from Newcastle or the Magnificent 7 so think they have moved on also? Anyway hope that you are well and would be willing to read books in the future you may or may not have planned to write yet.


  32. Tom says:

    Get over to READING!

  33. wayne carson says:

    Picked up your book the yes man at heathrow on a flight over to Canada in feb and was very impressed. Just came back from my summer hols in majorca and picked ur your new book. friends like these……..what can i say, as a 34 year old i could relate to everything you were going through on approaching 30. The book was the best book i have ever read, your a legend in your own rite Mr Wallace and i wish you all the success you deserve in future projects, well done.
    P.S. everytime i get into a bath now i just think of santana. all the best.

  34. Oliver says:

    Hey Danny, you might like to know that I visited ‘The Big Potato’ in Robertson NSW last weekend. Truly magnificent. Email me if you would like a photo, I think you will appreciate the workmanship that has gone into producing it (the potato I mean, not the photo obviously – that was quite easy).

  35. Robert Trigg says:

    I once brought Danny Wallace a SnakeBite in London.
    If Legends deserve an alcoholic beverage, a SnakeBite is the drink to buy.

    I need a new DW fix. Do something, anything, just make it soon!

  36. Steve Benn says:

    Hi Danny, do you think you will be coming to Australia again?

    In particular Sydney?

  37. vibinchander says:

    I haven’t read your book “yes man”. Perhaps the film was a late release in India, i’m a fan of Jim carrey, accidently i happend to see his film, you have done a good job, I’m impressed, i can’t get your books in India as i’m in the south of India, even i searched in E-snipes it’s not available send all your books in E-mail to me, i love to read them…
    Because that night i’m much depressed, thinking about how they eliminated from the job, after seeing “Yes man”, i started to search the job continously and now I have a good job, even more income than the previous one, thousands of thanks to you!!!!.
    send your books to me..

  38. Jane says:

    I hope you will be doing some more book tours this year. Would really love to see you as have read all your books and am a huge fan 🙂

  39. Charles Horton says:

    Will Danny be doing a book signing tour across the uk & if so, when & where will dates be published?

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