Man & Boy…

18 Oct 12 

Well, I headed back over to LA recently to pitch a new idea, and I’m really pleased to say that the excellent ABC got on board once more, as Deadline Hollywood have just reported.

It’s a script called Man & Boy, which will hopefully become something at some stage soon. I’m being deliberately vague because you never know with this stuff, but I’ll try my absolute best, and it’s very exciting.

Also on the team are director Julie Anne Robinson (The Middle), and producer David Miner (30 Rock, Parks & Recreation).

And in other news this month, check out GQ if you’re near a copy… I stayed for a few days in Ian Fleming’s Jamaican villa, GoldenEye, in order to see if I could harness some Bond magic and write my own chapter of a brand new Bond adventure. “For Queen & Country” is in the new issue…

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Presenter of the Year

08 Jul 12 

I’m massively delighted and surprised to say that I won Presenter of the Year at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards… and here I am with radio legend Simon Bates.

My thanks to Xfm, and to Matt and Dave for making me seem much better than I am, every single day…

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Thomas Was Alone…

30 Jun 12 

At the beginning of the year, an indy games developer called Mike Bithell emailed me and asked me to check out a little game he was working on. So I did. And I loved it. It was only an early version, but I thought it was absolutely beautiful. He asked me if I’d narrate the game. I was very pleased to.

The game is out today, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s called Thomas Was Alone… if you’ve got a Mac or a PC, check it out. It’s a dream to play, has incredible music by David Housden, and a really lovely story, which I’ve tried not to ruin. I’m proud to be part of it. You can download it here.

Also in the world of videogames, I’m asked a lot on Twitter if Shaun Hastings will be back for Assassin’s Creed 3. And he will. Which means I’ll have to think of some grumpy things to say. This time round, I was lucky enough to be asked to also write some stuff for the game itself by Corey May, which has been great fun. They’ve renamed the Animus “the Danimus” as a result.

That’s not true.

But the game is shaping up to be amazing and comes out in a few months…

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La ragazza di Charlotte Street…

07 Jun 12 

… is what the Italian edition of Charlotte Street is called, and I’m just back from three days of events in Florence, Milan and Vicenza launching it. It was great fun, fuelled by pasta and red wine. And they even sent a London cab to pick me up from the railway station.

(Sitting in a London cab wasn’t unusual for me. But it looked very odd on the streets on Vicenza…)

I’m thrilled to say that the novel is now a bestseller – so thank you so, so, so much if you got a copy. It’s a new discipline for me, and your support means the world. My thanks, too, to everyone at Feltrinelli – and there’ll be more international editions of the book out soon, in Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Korea, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain and the US.

It was really excellent to meet some Italian readers! The Italian version is here!

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The Xfm Breakfast Show…

26 May 12 

… is now a triple Sony Award-winning show – and we’re completely delighted. The team snagged a Gold, a Silver and a Bronze, making ours the most-awarded radio show of the night. Two were for our all-live Naked Breakfast show – and one was for the mighty QuizFace!

Those early mornings feel a bit easier now.

We’re properly happy about this. Next up is the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards, where I’m up against the might of Christian O’Connell and John Suchet for Presenter of the Year.

The show’s a joy to do – thanks from me, Matt and Dave if you join in! And the podcast is available on iTunes or!

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Hey! I’ve Written a New Book!

17 Apr 12 

“Danny Wallace’s long-awaited debut novel is so worth the wait… a moving, funny, all-too-relatable tale of boy seeking girl, with some gripping twists and turns… an unmissable read which will have you laughing out loud and melt your heart, all at once.”
- Cosmopolitan

Well, then… here we go!

I have a new book out! It’s called CHARLOTTE STREET - and it’s my first novel.

It’s all about a man who one night helps a girl. Just for a second. And there’s a moment between them. But then it’s over. She disappears. But in his hands, he realises he’s still got something of hers…

Her disposable camera.

So what should he do? Develop the film? Or forget about her?

He develops the film. Of course he does. And he looks at her photos.

And that’s when he spots something very unusual indeed…

It’s a nerve-wracking time, but so far the response has been great. Working Title have bought the film rights, and so far 15 countries around the world will be publishing their own Charlotte Streets in the coming months.

I really hope you like it, if you read it. And – y’know – don’t be afraid to tell yer mates…

You can grab a copy, if you like, by clicking here

“A delightful debut. The combination of Dickensian plot twists and Hornbyesque humor and hope makes for a thoroughly entertaining read” – Publisher’s Weekly (USA)
“… has a distinctively cheeky, occasionally geeky, brand of charm” – Chicago Tribune
“Required reading” – New York Post
“A remarkable debut” – Philadelphia Examiner
“Mr. Wallace proves with this first novel that you can open the fridge and make something new…” – New York Times
“Brilliantly funny… A bit like Amelie but British. And funny.” – Daily Mail
“A modern, urban classic” –
“Brilliantly-conceived, funny and moving. ★★★★★” – Henry Sutton, The Mirror
“One of the year’s coolest must-reads” – Stylist
“We loved this funny romance with a twist. ★★★★” – Closer
“Brilliantly witty! ★★★★★” – Star magazine
★★★★★ – The Bookseller
“My tip for 2012′s runaway success, with a very clever twist on the age-old story of boy meets girl… David Nicholls better watch out!” – The Mirror
“A delight… this year’s One Day” – Net-a-Porter
★★★★ – Heat
“Funny and insightful” – Daily Record
“Like a tincture for sore minds. Captivating… certain to make you feel better about life” – ShortList
“A very realistic and heart-warming story, made brilliantly funny by dry pop culture references” – Press Association
“Unmissable” – Cosmopolitan
“Bloke Lit of the highest order” – Londonist
“Wallace does a masterly job of transforming characters in an arrested state of development into heroic defenders of authentic experience.” – The Library Journal, USA

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