Hello Hamish!

11 Dec 14 

Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week
#1 Children’s Fiction Debut of the Year

“Inventive, magical and rib-tickling” – The Guardian

Hamish 3D
I’m very, very, very proud to introduce you to HAMISH AND THE WORLDSTOPPERS!

“Original, quirky and super silly, Wallace has written a great book that kids will really enjoy” – The Sun

“Wallace’s vividly imagined adventure cracks along at a brisk pace. Bristling with one-liners, it has an easy, unforced humour and a strong sense of excitement. Time freezing is a neat device and Wallace uses it skilfully to make almost anything seem possible” – The Guardian

“Wallace’s first foray into children’s fiction is a joy. A hugely-entertaining, child-friendly read with characters you’ll want to root for, despicable villains, a satisfying adventure and a really big heart” – The Bookseller

“It made me laugh so much I thought my sides would burst!” – Noah, aged 9, Press Association review

“A humdinger. Wallace’s humour is put to great use and there’s enough madcap adventure with Hamish’s gang, the PDF, to keep your average 8-year-old in a state of mild hysteria.” – Dad.info

“An amazing and unexpected read… a book that will stay with you for years to come.” – Middle Grade Strikes Back

“Lest you imagine there are pauses in this book, there are few – unless you count for wheezes of laughter” – The Herald

“I was overjoyed when I heard that there’s going to be a sequel” – The Guardian

It’s my first kids’ book, and it’s out now…

Do you know a kid who’s 7? Or 8? Or 9 or 10 or 11 or 12?

Then please introduce them to Hamish…

He’s a kid who lives in Britain’s fourth-most boring town – Starkley. But Starkley gets very exciting one day, when Hamish notices that the whole world has completely and utterly stopped.

The planes in the air. The cars on the road. The people all around him.

Everything stops – except him.

It was brilliant fun imagining all the things a kid would do if all the rules had changed. And coming up with his mortal enemies – The TERRIBLES.

And great also to have the brilliant Jamie Littler illustrating Hamish’s adventure…

I’ll be all over the place at festivals in 2015, and Hamish is also coming soon to Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Holland, Portugal and Hungary… look out for him…

I hope your kids (you) like it! Get Hamish here!


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  1. Darren Donnison says:

    Hi danny sounds great how come it’s so long till it’s released though?

  2. Natalie Eccles says:


    Just wanted to say Hello Hamish is the first fiction book that my son has read cover to cover twice. I usually struggle to get him to go beyond fact books, but he found your book engrossing and funny. I often heard him giggling whilst reading.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is thank you, he is now googling other books that are funny and fiction. Please keep writing children’s novels, I know my son will definitely be buying them.


  3. Emily Haywood says:

    Dear Mr Wallace My Mum said that you can’t just write one book, not when it’s as good as this one – so Danny, please, please, please, please write some more Hamish books! Or books like the Hamish book, or just books as good as the Hamish book!
    I have to wear a special eye mask every night for 10 minutes and Mum (or Dad) have been reading Hamish to me while my eyes rest. They laugh and laugh (I laugh too) and they told me that they have read some of your books too. Mum then googled you to find more Hamish books to order and found out that there is not anymore kids books! HELP! She only has a few pages left, can you write one that quick Mr Wallace>? Very good wishes to you and your computer that you type on or the pen that you write with!

    From Emily Haywood (aged 9)

  4. Jo Johnson says:

    please write some more childrens books, my 10 year old son loved it and I have never known him read without him being told to. He read every night until he had absorbed ever page 🙂

  5. Danny says:

    Hi Emily, Natalie and Jo! I’m writing the next Hamish book right now! I’m afraid it won’t be ready for a little while – but it’s on its way! — Danny

  6. william says:

    Hope it’s available in the USA soon! I’ve got loads of nieces and nephews… Cheers!

  7. hazel ...... says:

    I’m reading the book.all I need to know is when the next book is coming out.I love reading your books and so you should make loads of them.im up to pg 273. I would say its really good and is good for 9 to 20 year olds. iloved the book.i really want to read the next book.

  8. hazel ...... says:

    really good book.i really want to read the next book that will be coming out soon hopefully.i cant wait so far I’m up to page 273 and ive only just started reading it.i love it I would give you 10 out of 10.loved it

  9. Cheryl Whitbread says:

    My son was has just asked to be Hamish for world book day and has just explained all about the book -I can’t thank you enough for witing such terrific books ( I can’t find a costume for Hamish guess I will have to make one!!).I have two boys aged 11 and 13 and a girl of 8 who absolutely love all your books (The book shelves in there bedrooms are full of your great books).Getting boys to read is hard but you have certainly encouraged them to read so please keep writing.PS It would be a nice surprise for my boys if you could send a signed copy of your
    latest book to 3 Shorts Ave,Shortstown,Bedford,MK42 0FP. PS Your swimming ain’t bad either and has inspired them to all continue swimming lessons xxx

  10. Diego says:

    Beeessst booook eeeevvvverrrr! Love it! I can’t wait till the next Hamish book comes out! Your books are so addictive! Could not stop laughing when I finished reading your book!

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