Who is Tom Ditto?

18 Feb 14 

Well – that’s the question, isn’t it?

Luckily, I know. He’s the main character in my brand new book – WHO IS TOM DITTO? – and I hope you like him when the book comes out on April 24th.

Click HERE! to order a copy!

It was a challenge writing a second novel, but a fun one. Tom comes home one night to find a note from his girlfriend. The note says she has not left him – but that she’s gone. In his attempt to track her down, Tom stumbles across a very unusual group of people with a highly eccentric hobby…

Oh – and he’s fairly sure he’s being followed by an equally unusual girl…

PLUS! To celebrate the new book – I’ve only gone and brewed a beer! It’s called TOM DITTO IPA, and it’ll be available in all 76 Nicholson’s pubs up and down the country from March 25th!


I brewed it with the legendary Truman’s Brewery in the East End of London, and we tried to base it on the novel… so it’s got a bit of New York, a lot of London, and it’s an IPA… (that’ll make sense when you read the book…)

Hope you like them!


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  1. Wendy Roberts says:

    Dear Danny,
    A DW book and an IPA sounds like the kind of thing that might tickle my lady balls. Having been pregnant for what seems like an eternity I have been dilemma-ing over my first alcoholic drink after giving birth (May 4th). I might also be able to hold a book by that point seeing as I fractured my elbow to boot. This has been the best news of the week frankly.

    Can you please tell me where in Manchester I may get drunk on said beer? 1 pint will be quite sufficient and I need to plan these things these days you see.

    By the way -any ideas for names. I’d like to call my boy Anakin (bearing in mind the day) but then it’s not really appropriate to call my child Darth Vader. Also Tom has been taken by a friend of mine who is due just before me. All suggestions gratefully accepted. It has reached the point where we have been yelling out things we see around usbon the offchance something clicks.

    Kind regards
    Wendy Roberts and bump

  2. Danny Bailey says:

    Hi Danny,

    Great news, I can stop re-reading Charlotte street now.

    Weird fact – I HAVE to take Yes Man with me whenever I fly somewhere. I have a fear of flying and for some reason this has become my comfort blanket.

    Wendy! My first kid is due in August. Dont know if its going to be a boy or girl but would love a name suggestion,I like Danny (after me not you, sorry).


    Danny Bailey

  3. Suzanne says:

    You have no idea how happy you just made me. I can’t wait.

  4. Ben Robinson says:

    Excellent news, I always love a new Danny Wallace book and I am particularly happy this one is being treated to a hardback release – about time I say! My excitement bubbles over further at the thought of a beer release too, will it be in the shops or just pubs? The thought of winning a keg of the fable stuff and a book tour which I hope comes near Seaford at some point will make my day. Keep up the good work Danny.

  5. Scott Werth says:

    Dear Danny,
    Your comment section looked a little empty so I figured I’d help out with a comment.

    Here it is!

    Can’t wait for the new book.

    By the way, can we get the beer in America? I pre-ordered the book and it would be nice if a free bottle came with it.


  6. Lee Roberts says:

    Give me a shout and pop in to the Coal Hole (Nicholsons Pub) on the Strand im sure me and Annie can accomodate you with a few drinks on the house bring Ben Lockwood along if you want.

  7. lee birbeck says:

    “Who is Tom Ditto”…read it in a day and a half…and a took my time..best one yet..cheers Danny…ya give people like me a bit hope that things might get better…cheers kidda

  8. Hazel Potter says:

    Just finished reading “who is Tom Ditto?”
    Great book by a great author. I’ve read three of your books now, and i’ve not been disapointed once, in fact i often wonder what life would actually be like if i took a leaf out of “The Yes Man” novel. Maybe i’ll try it one day and let you know…..anyway just wanted to say cheers for the stories, look forward to reading your next masterpiece!

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