Noel Gallagher and The Onion…

18 Oct 13 


I’ve been a bit quiet lately, working on a brand new project for next year…

But I’ve managed to sneak in a few other things too…

Here’s an interview I did over a few hours in a fancy club with GQ’s Icon of the Year, the brilliantly funny Noel Gallagher, which, thanks to his unique perspective on the world, caught fire pretty quickly.

And here’s what happened when I turned up at the Chicago offices of satirical paper/website¬†The Onion, the morning a very particular story was breaking…

More on the brand new project soon…

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  1. Kate godley says:

    Hi Danny,

    I am trying explain to my mum and my housemate about your ‘yes’ project. They are being extremely irritating and are saying that you are currently working on a ‘no’ project. Please can you enlighten us because I don’t think you’d do that, bit they do.

    Thanks very much,


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