14 Dec 12 

Well, this morning on the show, I announced that a new chapter is beginning.

I have loved doing the Xfm Breakfast Show every morning, and I think we’ve worked as hard as we can to be as good as we can. And I’ve loved getting to know the greatest listeners in the world. But it’s time to do other things.

I’ve always done lots of different stuff at once, and there are three or four big commitments that require my attention next year. I will miss the show, and my very good friends Matt, Dave, Steve and Simon.

But hey! Download the very best of my breakfast show right here… with guests from Dan Aykroyd to Robert Pattinson to Tim Minchin to Morgan Freeman to whoever else you can think of…

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  1. Nariece says:

    The breakfast show will be missed! My opportunity to be deemed a “confirmed listener” is starting to slip away… Hope the next presenter is as funny as Danny.

  2. George Marchbank says:

    I honestly never thought this great journey would end, but it looks like it has. I had to endure the pain of lose my aural pleasure when your previous show was no longer of the air, and its like having my heart broken all over again. Goodbye Mr Wallace, your tenure on XFM has been the highlights of my week. Today is a sad day
    From confirmed pod listener George

  3. Carlos Unda says:

    Good Luck. I hope you go out there to do great things.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m really going to miss listening to you on the show in the mornings before work! Always brought a smile to my face 🙂 Hope your next projects turn out awesome!

  5. suze says:

    too bad, you were great.

    I guess creative people shouldn’t ever commit to one project for long.

  6. Gooders says:

    Good luck great leader, you will be sorely missed in my cab every morning. From confirmed listener Tony.

  7. Gareth Jones says:

    Hey Danny.

    Happy new year, and here’s to making it a good one. I finally got my confirmed listener mug, so thanks for that!

    Good luck with the future plans, and if you ever require a Hoddesdon based asian Nick Frost lookalike i am only a tweet away.

    The Original Gareth.

  8. Deb Green says:

    Congratulations on a great show.

    Sounds like it’s an exciting time for you and I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing next!

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