Presenter of the Year

08 Jul 12 

I’m massively delighted and surprised to say that I won Presenter of the Year at the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards… and here I am with radio legend Simon Bates.

My thanks to Xfm, and to Matt and Dave for making me seem much better than I am, every single day…

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  1. Pointypix says:

    Hi Danny,
    I’m incredibly late to the party but it was only this year while driving to a campsite in Enniskillen for the jubillee bank holiday that we happened to hear you on some radio station talking about Join Me. I don’t know where I’d been for the last 10 years (well, I do, I was in Liverpool for a bit and then mostly back in Northern Ireland) but I guess I didn’t listen to enough radio, read enough newspapers or spend enough time online but this was the first I’d heard of it. I then downloaded your Join Me book on my kindle and am at the part where you don’t want to open the last 10 envelopes because it means you would have reached 1000 and it would all be over. You’ve made me laugh out loud on the train several times which is quite embarassing but I’m still going to download all your other books because we all need a good laugh everyday.

    Anyway, I noticed that your Join Me blog hasn’t been updated in over a year and just wondered if people are still joining up even now? If so, I’d like to join please. I even have the word Karma tattooed on my foot (just because it’s something I believe in and before I knew about your Karma Army just to be clear!)

    I’m not sure if you’ll read this yourself or if you’re now famous enough to have ‘people’ read it for you but I’ll hope you get back to me so I know if it’s worth getting a passport photo taken!


    Nicola McLean (Bangor, Northern Ireland)

  2. Georgia says:

    Mr Danny Wallace, i would just like to say i have just finished reading your book ‘join me’. I loved it, it was the entertainment of many boring days at work. Most importantly i think you are awesome and one of this countrys national treasures. You have a cool job and personally, i think Kate middleton and prince william’s names should be replaced with yours in the media. They are talked about wayyy too much. Much love 🙂

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