Hey! I’ve Written a New Book!

17 Apr 12 

“Danny Wallace’s long-awaited debut novel is so worth the wait… a moving, funny, all-too-relatable tale of boy seeking girl, with some gripping twists and turns… an unmissable read which will have you laughing out loud and melt your heart, all at once.”

Well, then… here we go!

I have a new book out! It’s called CHARLOTTE STREET – and it’s my first novel.

It’s all about a man who one night helps a girl. Just for a second. And there’s a moment between them. But then it’s over. She disappears. But in his hands, he realises he’s still got something of hers…

Her disposable camera.

So what should he do? Develop the film? Or forget about her?

He develops the film. Of course he does. And he looks at her photos.

And that’s when he spots something very unusual indeed…

It’s a nerve-wracking time, but so far the response has been great. Working Title have bought the film rights, and so far 15 countries around the world will be publishing their own Charlotte Streets in the coming months.

I really hope you like it, if you read it. And – y’know – don’t be afraid to tell yer mates…

You can grab a copy, if you like, by clicking here

“A delightful debut. The combination of Dickensian plot twists and Hornbyesque humor and hope makes for a thoroughly entertaining read” – Publisher’s Weekly (USA)
“… has a distinctively cheeky, occasionally geeky, brand of charm” – Chicago Tribune
“Required reading” – New York Post
“A remarkable debut” – Philadelphia Examiner
“Mr. Wallace proves with this first novel that you can open the fridge and make something new…” – New York Times
“Brilliantly funny… A bit like Amelie but British. And funny.” – Daily Mail
“A modern, urban classic” – WeLoveThisBook.com
“Brilliantly-conceived, funny and moving. ★★★★★” – Henry Sutton, The Mirror
“One of the year’s coolest must-reads” – Stylist
“We loved this funny romance with a twist. ★★★★” – Closer
“Brilliantly witty! ★★★★★” – Star magazine
★★★★★ – The Bookseller
“My tip for 2012’s runaway success, with a very clever twist on the age-old story of boy meets girl… David Nicholls better watch out!” – The Mirror
“A delight… this year’s One Day” – Net-a-Porter
★★★★ – Heat
“Funny and insightful” – Daily Record
“Like a tincture for sore minds. Captivating… certain to make you feel better about life” – ShortList
“A very realistic and heart-warming story, made brilliantly funny by dry pop culture references” – Press Association
“Unmissable” – Cosmopolitan
“Bloke Lit of the highest order” – Londonist
“Wallace does a masterly job of transforming characters in an arrested state of development into heroic defenders of authentic experience.” – The Library Journal, USA

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  1. Ordered. Sounds great.

  2. Scott says:

    Will there be an audiobook too?

  3. Andy H says:

    Good work. Ordered and looking forward to reading. Sounds interesting

  4. Adam says:

    Amazing, can not wait for it to come! Is there no t-shirt with this? Or a voucher for tea?…

  5. Tank McCormick says:

    Yes!! Ordered!! I’m probably more excited about this than the Euros and Olympics combined.

  6. Darren D says:

    Per-order placed see you in reading on the 18th.

  7. Kyle says:

    Excellent–I can finally order one of your books from Amazon.com instead of having to pay high shipping costs to get it at Amazon.co.uk! Although it looks like us Yanks need to wait until October. 🙁

  8. Emma W says:

    Can’t wait for your first novel to come out!!! 😀
    I agree with Adam there should be a t-shirt with the pre-order it’s your unique style, it adds that extra je ne sais quoi (pardon my french) or even a voucher for tea?
    … Awkward
    Pretty please can you add a book reading/ signing date in Leeds – I’m a huge fan!!!

  9. Chiara says:

    Well, I live in Charlotte street.. so I guess it is kind of a duty for me to read the book! 🙂 Plus, London is not a very romantic city, nor there are romantic people in it, so it will be fun to see romance developping aroud the places I walk by everyday.. at least in Danny’s immagination.

  10. Nuks says:

    Great read!! Loved the twists and turns; enjoyed the various dilemmas; laughed out loud many times and felt hugely pleased for Jase when I read the last page!!! Heartwarming!! Thank you!

  11. Chris Buckley says:

    Another great book Danny! Thank you so much, really enjoyed reading it on holiday. Particularly enjoyed the different story arcs which knitted together to become a great novel. Motivational and as uplifting as your other books. Cheers

  12. Danny L says:

    Great debut novel, Danny! Loved every page of it and can’t wait to see the film. Please write another one soon.

  13. Natalia E says:

    ¡Reading marathon and just finished! Love the book..especially when they visit whitby (bit close to home and we probably are that strange) …not disappointed, awesome book!! Got a lomogtaphy camera on my last visit to london and so want to develop the film now!! Also i love that no one died 😉 innit

  14. Craig says:

    Greetings from Newfoundland, Canada where I am delighted to say I have purchased the book and am enjoying it immensely! Great work Danny!

  15. Egmar Nunes says:

    eu amei o livro charlotte street,alem de engraçado,tem uma relaçao de amizade muito forte,e ensina a dar a volta por cima.

  16. Liihs says:

    Hello there. I really hope you read it, because I think you should know how I feel about your book.
    I’m brazilian and I’ve never been to London, but through your book I felt like I was there (and I hope one day I have this pleasure).
    Your book is just amazing! It made me laugh so many times (in public – I must say – and I regret nothing) and it made me think about my life, my dreams and my goals. It gives hope and it makes us feel like moving on and trying new things.
    What I am saying here is that I admire your book and it’s definitely one of my favorites.
    Thank you for publishing it.

  17. charlie says:

    Wow, i love this book! Do you have any plans for a second novel? Maybe even a sequel?

  18. Kelly M says:

    I too live on Charlotte street in kent and I am very intrigued by this novel will deffo look into getting it

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