The Brotherhood…

07 Oct 10 

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  1. Bailey from CA says:

    Haha! I love it! Now I’m really looking forward to Brotherhood! Bring on the snark, Mr. Wallace!

  2. Ake says:


    And yet – why there’s still isn’t any Shaun’s killer sarcasm DLC?

  3. Isabell says:

    O.O Im sorry but that was just hallerius!! Im really looking forward to this game. And it seems like that my friend and I are going to cosplay as Desmond and Shaun O.O Which will be quite hard for me since Desmond has decided to get a beard… Anyhow I love it!

  4. debbie smith says:

    happy birthday

  5. Daniel Santos - Brazil says:

    I played the game but didn´t know that was you!
    That´s a very nice game!

    I´m big fan! Read all of your books!

  6. Ake says:

    The game is out! Buy it, I mean it. It’s just so awesome. Some might say it’s AC 2.5, I say it’s AC 2.9 .

    PS.: Ubi, don’t let Shaun die.

  7. Wes West says:

    Watch out, Danny… that lady behind you is reading your email!

  8. kruise says:

    I read ur shortstory in was interesting.more power to ur ewbol.

  9. John From the USA says:

    I’m surprised to see that there are such few comments on this website. I’ve only just finished Yes Man and he is already my favorite author! I will continue to read his books, and I hope a new one comes out soon. I think working in a America will make him even more popular.

  10. Sjors Holtrop says:

    Your voice should be in more of my favourite games :O

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