Thank you…

12 Jun 10 

… if you bought a copy of my new book, Awkward Situations for Men, this week! I properly, properly appreciate it.

The reaction has been great, and I’m very grateful – and I’m pleased, too, to say the book went in at number three in the Sunday Times Bestsellers List and is still there five weeks on… which means I can now make pompous faces and wear a monocle.

I am doing both now.

Reviews include Heat (“Delightfully funny”), The Daily Record (“Comedy genius”) and Private Eye (“The success of ASFM is assured… evidence of a sharp imagination… winningly surreal… progressive, original and enlightening”), though I may have edited that last bit slightly.

Thanks so much for your support.


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  1. Kyle! says:

    I LOVE YOU TOO DANNY!!! xx I bvought your amazing book, and it’s signed with a little kiss and everything. My silly friend says you probably got someone else to sign it. That can’t be true, can it?!?! Also, the book has a dent in it. This *probably* means that you dropped it, so that is cool too 🙂 Or the postman.. But that would also be pretty cool. Out of all the books he was delivering, he chose MY book to drop. THE postman dropped MY book!!! Please prove to my friend that you did indeed sign the books though 🙁 He is very mean.

  2. Neil says:

    Just finished Awkward Situations for Men (and I’m wearing my t-shirt). It was great! I didn’t laugh more than for Friends Like These -because it would not be physically possible, put it was a close second! I live in the US and can’t wait for the show. Hope to see it before long. Thanks for another great book Danny- looking forward to more!

  3. Neil says:

    By the way I loved the yo-yo hoax and the polish lottery. The London video was amazing for 1924. They were entertaining additions to your email. Thanks.

  4. Gav says:

    Dan, I’ve not got to read it yet. My pre-order on Amazon has been on hold since the release date, possibly they have run out of t-shirts. Had to read I’m Dave Gorman for the umpteenth time, still love it. Come on Amazon, get it sorted so I can get my book and t-shirt.

  5. NeilG says:

    Have got this on my Kindle (was launched on that before the paper release and, well, just couldn’t wait!) .

    Was superb, and I hope that the pilot makes it way over to the UK before too long!

  6. Heather says:

    I know I already sent you a tweet to tell you this – but I have ordered the book and cannot wait to read it. Every day I come home and raid through the mail even though I know it won’t arrive until the end of the week/beginning of next week.

    I think it would be fantastic seeing that pompous face team with the monocle. I demand a twitpic?

    – Heather x

  7. Stacey says:

    I bought it 😀 I am up to Autumn at the moment!

  8. Rina says:

    Hi Danny, my English boyfriend got your book from Amazon and I picked it up and have instantaneously become a fan and I am Dutch. I had to laugh so much about the Sandwich story, did not know men would rehash over someone amazing like you and Colin did, very “womanly” and oh so very very funny that!

    And that NYUP baby is a dick! I am a mum of two and if he is your friend you should be able to say things like that without him being offended.

    Yes Man was also part of the Amazon parcel so that is next man!

    Cheers, Rina

  9. Danielle says:

    I’ve just finished reading Awkward…read it in a day and a half. Brilliant stuff as ever Danny 🙂

  10. Doug says:

    Danny, your book ‘Awkward Situations for Men’ is hilarious. I’ve not been able to put the book down since I bought it a couple of days ago and find myself laughing senseless on the tube, so much so that I’m physically crying I kid you not.

    I’m now going to have seek out you previous books and look forward to future releases.

  11. rawa says:

    hmm.. i bought my copy (english, not dutch) a week ago..
    and i was wondering will the show (ever) be on the dutch television??
    i hope so >33<

  12. Sara says:

    Another FABULOUS book Mr Wallace. You made me laugh a lot – even out loud on the tube which is never a smart move (although it did mean I got more space, so a bit of a result)

    Please start writing another book soon! In the meantime I’ve started to re-read Friends Like These, and I don’t know why but the image of your young self looking through opera glasses makes me laugh time and time again…(it’s probably relief in knowing that other people did it when they were kids too – it wasn’t just me…)

  13. Sophie says:

    Yet another excellent book…the bit in the department store with the he/she assistant made me proper belly laugh like an idiot…love it!

  14. Don Dunkerley says:

    Great book Danny its been the best read I’ve had in a very long time! Got the book for fathers day and couldn’t put it down. In fact it prompted an akward moment myself on a packed bus home involving a stranger reciting from a war book to me whilst trying to read your book…I laughed afterwards! Keep up the good work,the shortlist column you write is pure genius! A big cheers for Mr Wallace son of William! Don.

  15. Craig says:

    Already finished Awkward Situations. It was brilliant. The problem I find with reading your books is I get to about 50 pages from the end and I’m stuck in an odd readers’ Limbo. I want to finish it and enjoy the last stretch but at the same time I don’t want it to end because I know that I’ll have to read something else afterwards. You must understand! I hope you keep writing because it turns my train journey to and from work into a pleasurable experience (and if you’ve ever been on a Northern Rail train, you’ll know how hard it is to enjoy). All the best and keep them coming!

  16. Dominic says:

    Does your face have a profile? Your photographs suggest not.

    Anyway, enjoying the book. I only pick up ‘shortlist for the Silly Captions. The only article I actually read is yours

  17. Michael Greene says:

    Just finished reading Awkward. Top Stuff. In fact I have Just finished reading your entire back catologue of works (Unemployed At the Mo!) All extremely funny and inspiring.
    Keep it up Sunshine. Mick

  18. debbie smith says:

    think i’m falling in love

  19. Liz says:

    I have only one problem with your books Danny. I have read everyone of them in one sitting. Once I have entered your world I don’t look up until the last page. So, having bought Awkward Situations for Men I am waiting for a clear day or two when I can read it without interruption. Please keep them coming!

  20. Ben Robinson says:

    Yet another fantastic book Danny, I get through them so fast though! 🙂 Funny thing happened the day it arrived in the post, I put on the T-shirt and went shopping. In Sainsbury’s entrance a man was trying to sell me pet insurance, I said “but I don’t actually have a pet” the insurance man sort of just stood there, and a trolley collector walking past said, Thats Awkward isn’t it and said I had the perfect T-shirt for the situation. We all laughed and off I went shopping again.
    Typcially I was away the week the shortlist came out with you on the cover, don’t suppose you have a spare copy you could send me?….or anyone for that matter. 🙂

  21. Glenn Perrett says:

    On fathers day in june my son Oliver very kindly gave me the book Awkward Situations for Men. It was fantastic so since then have purchased Yes Man and Freinds Like These which was one of the most funniest books i’ve ever read. I do alot of travelling and this keeps me occupied during the dull times. Thanks Danny and sorry if theirs any spelling mistakes as I know your an excellant speller as you’ve mentioned once or twice. Regards


  22. Neil says:

    Good book but the stage fright story didn’t help when I had it in the pub the day after reading.

    Damn you Wallace, all I could think of was p’ssing on the bloke next to me’s feet. Didn’t work.

  23. RueLi says:

    Just got my copy of Awkward Situation in the mail from England to California (arrgh the shipping charges! But only for you!). I’ve only read through a bit of it in the last hour, but I must say it’s quite brilliant! Now I cannot wait to see the show.

  24. Lisa says:

    Hi Danny I bought your book for my husband but ended up reading it myself before he even got a look in! It’s brilliant, so funny and I can really relate. I can never open a tin of tomatoes without it splattering everywhere 🙂 Well done and thanks for giving us a laugh.

  25. Melanie Kress says:

    GAH, I BORROWED IT FROM THE LIBRARY IS THAT OKAY TOO BECAUSE I REALLY LOVE IT, YO. No, seriously, I really loved it. I loved the bits with your wife the mostest. I hope when I get married I get along with my husband as well as you too get on. Now onto ‘Yes Man’ and ‘Friends Like These’ which I also borrowed from the library. Please keep writing, and I can’t wait for your next book.

    All my love,

  26. Sarah says:

    Loved the book – particularly the little prologue – but just have one query…why did it cost £11.99? That’s costly for a paperback! (although I did enjoy it and actually laughed out loud on the train, looking like a fool…)

  27. Andrew Reed says:

    I would like a book on sandwiches next. Who invented them, why they are so amazing, a list of celebs favourites, sandwich anecdotes, why Danny can’t move on fron chicken teriyaki subways etc. If you need a researcher please get in touch!

  28. Nathalie says:

    I don’t think anything could be funnier than the Yes Man. I still sometimes think about it at awkward times and laugh out loud. (I’m a GP so not entirely appropriate.) However, good effort- even made me cry a bit..

  29. Andy Oliver says:

    Hey Danny
    I have just read Awkward situations and I loved it as I did Friends Like These.
    I remember seeing you standing in lax last year when i was there.I should have said hi maybe.
    I am a tv presenter on shopping channels but also do movie prems in l square.I may interview you some day.check out
    best of luck
    andy oliver

  30. When reading one of your previous books on a beach in Spain, whilst on holiday/mini exile in Spain, a while back, I did indeed perform a complete selfless good deed on your recommendation: I bought calypsos (those ice lollies that come completely contained in cardboard…you know the ones) for 3 hot looking girls – hot heat-hot AND hot hot-hot – they were most pleased and gabbled to me in Spanish till I walked away to allow them their privacy back.
    I was single at the time and I do believe the envy of the other chaps at the beach (albeit just for 1 minute).

  31. Will South says:

    Hello Danny,

    Your books are fantastic and hilarious.

    I like reading fantastic and hilarious books on the odd occasion i do read. So, thanks for writing them.

    Write another one!

  32. ele says:

    Hi Danny,

    Not sure whether to thank or blame you… I was reading Awkward Situations for Men on the train this morning. On more than one occasion I did that thing where you laugh and it takes you by surprise – so it ends up coming out as a loud snort! So er… thanks. But please make the next book slightly less amusing. Or at least give us some warning to avoid a repeat of this morning’s events.

    ele, london x

  33. Debbie says:

    Hi Danny

    Just read your awkward situations book and I live in Cheadle! Near Knutsford. Brilliant.

  34. julian fry says:

    Hi Danny. I started reading your book “Awkward Situations For Men” on Monday morning of this week and had finshed it by that evening. It was almost as funny as “Yes Man” (if that’s possible, I’ve read that three times). I thought I was going to die laughing at the story of you and your friend dealing with the nutter at the cafe, him speaking French to the group of Italians and the best bit, in my opinion of the whole book, when the guy was doing squat thrusts in front of them, whilst spouting nonsense. I’m sure we have all encountered similar kinds of quirky individuals at one time or other.I have always loved your writing style and can relate very much to the way your brain seems to go into overdrive when,seemingly trivial situations somehow develop into somthing much more potentially disastrous (eg the story of the toothpaste on your mouth in the restaurant.) I think the book is a work of genius and I loved “Join Me” too. I have not read “Friends Like These” yet but I eagerly await putting that right as soon as possible.
    Thanks for helping make my stressful life much more enjoyable this week.
    Cheers, Julian Fry from the metropolis that is Llanelli.

  35. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, I did! THANK YOU! Even more for “Yes Man”. I just started a “Yes Challenge” myself & am really excited what will happen next! If you are interested, just stop by at my blog.

    Keep the good work coming, Danny!
    Best regards from Germany.

  36. Emma says:

    Reading it at the moment and loving it! No surprise there as I’ve loved all your books. You are a genius! Love it.

  37. steph says:

    Hi Danny!
    I have emailed you, but just wanted to publicly declare on this that THE SNIFF TEST WORKS! hahahahaha its amazing. I really like the structure of this book, great read… coming to the end now.. don’t know quite what I will do…. ? maybe I`ll take up cheese hockey.
    you are an inspiration, I`m looking into studying an MA in creative writing this year.
    Always fancied it.. on the back burner.. so its time to take action.
    I’ll keep reading, if you keep writing!


  38. Rachel Levine says:

    I’m in America, Danny. I’m still waiting for Awkward Situations to show up on Amazon here. Tell them to get a move on will you? I’ve read all your other books and they’ve been delightful and inspiring (in a RAOK kind of way).

  39. B says:

    Thinking on maybee joining youre cult!!!…are you available tomorrow??

  40. Adam Rogers says:

    If you do end up getting your monocle you should grow a big wispy moustache aswell. It would go with your little dog!

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