The Premieres…

16 Feb 09 

Blimey. Yes Man’s done really well.

It’s been the number one film all over the world, and made nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in the process…

I had an amazing time at the London premiere with Jim, Zooey, Peyton, David and more… and also at the LA premiere, with my folks…

I’m incredibly proud to be a tiny part of this huge and hugely fun process… and I’m thrilled that everyone has been so supportive of the book, too.

The DVD and Blu-Ray come out later this month, and hey – if you want to see me messing about with big Jim Carrey – and looking rather out-of-place on set – check out the Blu-Ray’s extra features…


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  1. Trish says:

    Finished reading Yes Man earlier this week and immediately picked up Join Me – ok, so call me backwards if you want – and then today started thinking about Easter weekend and wondering about that monastery you visited where you poking a nice monk was preserved for posterity and your enduring embarrassment, and thought it might be nice to visit there, if they welcome women as well as men. Sat down to google it and instead came and read some things on here. Well, that’s maybe not so much a comment as an explanation. Anyway, thanks for taking time and trouble to write of your wonderful boy-projects. They’re fun and inspiring to read about. I aim to watch Yes Man real soon.

  2. Trish says:

    Further to my comment yesterday, I have now discovered that Dobroyd Castle is no longer a Losang Dragpa Buddhist Centre. What a pity.

  3. Phil says:

    well danny. congratulations my good man.

    i was one the tube oposite you reading the yes man and you didnt even notice!

    i ride a motorcycle now. so if you need one for any upcoming projects. you know where i am.


    PLU x

  4. Chen says:

    Woo new website.. cool
    I watch this film twice, it best out the rest.

  5. james says:

    Just read Yes Man on holiday. Had to have medical team on stand by as high risk of seizure due to laughing. Probably have never laughed aloud so much in my whole life. Wife thought I was have breakdown/midlife crisis. Pizza Hut bit was a killer. Almost literally.
    That’s the good bit. The bad bit: there’s a ‘less’ rather than ‘fewer’ in the middle of the book somewhere. Alarmingly unsettling. I studied Book Publishing for three years; it had a serious, probably negative effect on my ability not to nit-pick. Sorry. But I LOVED the book. The film had better be good. I imagine it’s very different from the book.
    Fab work Mr Wallace.
    Loved Friends Like These as well. Had similar sudden reuion thing myself, but with people I hadn’t seen since school/college in the seventies. Top work. Any new books in the pipeline?

  6. Gem says:

    I just finished reading Yes Man last night. It has interferred severely with my life as I couldn’t put it down. I think I upset my house mate downstairs one night as he was doing “the bad thing” and I laughed really loud at the poking of Samten and it went really quiet all of a sudden, and then I felt really guilty for spoiling his fun. Anyway, I digress.
    What a bloody marvellous book it is Mr Wallace. It gave me an excuse to be a real out-of-work actress and do nothing but read. I like to call it “research”.
    Can I ask though, where I might get a steam cleaner? It sounds simply brilliant, and, I’m hoping, brilliantly simple. I’d like to try it in the spirit of Yes. And plus my house is minging.
    Thanks for making me laugh loads the last week. I look forward to being backwards like Trish and starting Join Me later on today.
    Gem x
    PS. My mate Rob who writes for Dr Who reckons he knows you but I think he might be lying to impress me. Do you know my mate Rob? Thanks again.

  7. Ben Gavan says:

    Hi Danny

    I am a big fan of your work and even yelled out “There’s Danny Wallace” when your cameo came up in Yes Man. The man behind me in the cinema didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm. Anyway, I am currently writing a book that I have been told has real potential. I am sure you have heard these words before, but I think if I told you what it was you might want to help me? I will give you a clue. Gordon Brown, and Terrence Stamp has helped me so far. If you want to know more, please email me on the email that I was required to put into this comment box. I’m also twitter friends with you too.

    Best wishes


  8. paul ditcher says:

    just finished yes man, I am totally inspired and im going to give it a try, hope to be in some wacky mad place/situation this time next month. I will also make a point of listening to Ian bloody Collins again..

  9. mike becker says:

    hey danny,
    im a canadian and i read your books “join me” and “yes man” it seems they didnt really follow the book to well in the movie “yes man” but it was still enjoyable.
    I think ill keep reading your books and then givuing them to old poeple when im done. Old poeple like books i think.
    did you know that the most dangerous animal in the world is the common housefly. Because of their habits of visiting animal waste, they transmit more diseases than any other animal. hmm true indeed.
    mike becker

  10. nolan david says:

    Really enjoyed all your books to date, even the brief, centre of the universe.
    Holding off the yes man film as it can’t be as good as the book.

  11. Kay says:

    Have just finished reading Yes Man – loved it. Thanks for a great laugh. My daughter gave it to me to bring home to Oz – she’s working in London but I think she has joined the Yes brigade – she’s always travelling. She booked a $1 flight + taxes then realized she couldn’t use it as she was booked to go somewhere else at the same time. Still, it made her happy that she has found a $1 flight.

  12. Sophie says:

    Ola Danny!
    I just this moment finished reading my tattered copy of the Yes man again and it was even better the second time around, if that is even possible. Just wanted to say thanks for the belly laughs and to let you know that every time I drive past a Big prawn, egg, ram, worm, shark etc.. I will be thinking of you and “Lizzie”. Atomico Danny! Cheers, Sophie, Melbourne Australia, The Universe.

  13. Simmo says:

    Hey Danny,

    Loved the Yes Man book not such a fan of the hollywood perversion of it, but was in the same situation as you…not going out alot making excuses to avoid seeing people etc etc…so when the first yes situation arose I flew to Canada to take up a position with the same travel company here in Toronto. I had other yes moments which sent me to montreal for a week on a whim, New York to see an old flame…the flame is well and truly out but we ended up at this crazy eastern european klezma punk fusion show which turned into a russian nightclub and well I have said yes to going to the World Cup in South Africa to help a friend make a packet of cash and see Australia play….if you could call it that…and hopefully gain revenge against Italy.

    Speaking of revenge and the World Cup I am halfway through friends like these. I too was in Germany though had an entirely different world cup experience… And the Berlin final was spent watching it on a big screen on Tel Aviv beach, my home of four years…well not exactly on the beach but i think you understand what I mean, after that fateful penalty against Lucas Neil in Kaiserslautern when the Aussies bowed out in the round of 16’s.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for being in a similar spot at a similar age and writing about it…as for the future? Who knows maybe I will come to North London and teach you how to varnish a table though you have probably learnt from your previous attempts. Did you not realise that the tradesman was taking you for a ride? Or were you simply playing along in some sort of social experiment


  14. Carolyn says:

    HI Danny

    I also just finished YEs Man. How brilliant is that drawing of you and your little dog on your shoulder. I couldn’t stop laughing. I kept reading the book but kept turning back to the page with the drawing and laughing some more. Thank you thank you Dan

  15. Tony says:

    Just finished reading Yes Man and really enjoyed it. Danny you are a very talented writer – I loved the way the book spun off various threads and then gradually pulled them all together. The bit where you received The Postcard gave me chills (can’t explain why here, no room). I saw the film about a year ago with my son, and we both decided to say Yes more which led to some great things. I also just bought the DVD and watched it over (a few times). I like the film and book both, and am a big James Carrey fan, but I definitely prefer the book. Thanks for a great book and you truly deserve your success.

  16. Henry says:

    You’re a legend, end of…

  17. Andy says:

    Just watched Yes Man and loved it, one of the funniest and enjoyable films I’ve seen in months. I know it’ll be very different but I’m heading out tomorrow to get the book.
    The film is very inspiring as I’ve been living Carl’s life for the last 2 years and avoiding everything. Last week said yes to a couple of scary things (new job and agreed to divorce) before I’d even seen the film and my life has already improved for the better.
    I’m going to say yes to everything for the next week as an experiment to see what will happen. I’ll post next week if things take an interesting turn.
    Danny thanks for the inspiration and don’t worry I won’t hold it against you if it backfires.

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